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Fast Facts: Swarna Alcorn, corporate crusader for 14 years; have worked most downstream marketing functions and am now managing a Marketing Operations team for a medical device and consumer products company.

I’ve been fascinated with the art of navigating the corporate ecosystem since I was a wide eyed, bushy tailed 22-year-old ready to conquer the world. Fourteen years later, I have enough career ahead of me to still be excited for the successes to come, but am tenured enough to know that most successes start with a good and necessary plan. I’ve learned A LOT–I’ve made mistakes, taken missteps and dealt with failure, but have always come back for more. If you take the time to really learn and reflect during these down moments, the upswing only goes higher.

There are days when I feel like I’m in a Dilbert strip, but more often than not, are the days where I not only believe, but see, the difference and value that we are able to make as corporate citizens. These are the days that drive my energy, motivation and ambition. Having sustained and long-term wins in corporate America requires not only skill and talent, but also an understanding of how to position and promote yourself in a meaningful and relevant way.

This is my opportunity to share my thoughts on how to work smart in the corporate setting so that your greatest success is always in your future, and never in your past. Everything I write here is truly ‘what I wish I knew at 22.’ Cheers!